It’s Cool To Be an Alcoholic

When did it become a normal thing to fetishize drinking tons of alcohol?

I noticed a while ago that a lot of shirts for sale have sayings on them like, “Rosé all day” “Coffee and wine, feelin’ fine” “Relationship Status: Wine”

I saw a girl wearing a wine sloganed sweater at the gym...
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I counted 11 different wine sloganed shirts on Target’s website alone.
I used to love wine. I still like it. I’m drinking a glass right now. But most of these shirts are probably being bought by underage teens. Kids who will grow up thinking day drinking is normal. And again, there’s nothing wrong with day drinking on its own, but when it becomes the norm, then how do you even know what a day without alcohol is like? How do you drive?

I’ve had far more fun sober days than non-sober days. Maybe I’m just getting old. Because I’m not that conservative. I’m just over people who know nothing about wine fetishizing it. Because I’m almost positive that the people who buy these shirts probably spend $25 on five bottles of cheap wine rather than on one bottle of good wine.

Maybe I’m just annoyed. I just don’t think it’s that cool to be an alcoholic.

Ireland Chapter 4

Yesterday we went to Cong and did something that I’ve never even dreamed of doing. We flew hawks! I was really excited, then a little anxious, and then I had a lot of fun. It’s so simple and the birds are so cute. They were even a little playful.

We ate lunch, explored, and then returned to the hotel. At lunch, we sat down and I ordered, only to find out that both the drink and the meal I wanted they were out of. So, you probably don’t know this, but food in restaurants, ordering it, having it wrong, all of these are anxiety triggers. But I held myself together and had a good lunch. When we went to pay their card  machine went out, and I was just short, so a friend had to loan me two euros as I had not had a chance to go to the bank yet, so that was another little trigger.

When we went to explore,  I was already having a bit of anxiety, so I just walked around Galway with my roommate and wrote a bit. Having that piece of peace was what I needed.

Today! Today we went to the Aran Islands and I rented bikes with a group of new friends. But it soon started raining. Some of them started complaining. I don’t know what it is about rain, but it just brings me so much joy. I was having the time of my life. We finally got to the cliffs we were hoping for, as the rain poured down harder. So on our way back we ditched our bikes and caught a van ride back, deciding the two euro deposit was okay to lose. It was surely an adventure. 

My back went out at some point, but we had dinner and wine, and I think today was my favorite so far. I love making life an adventure.

Today was the first day that I felt in community. I knew I belonged before, I knew this was the right decision and place, I have felt at home. But today, I found family.