It comes rushing in
Like a rushing wind
Like a deep inhale
Filling these lungs
That once gasped for breath

It’s a joy that overtakes
A love that overcomes
A grace that breaks free
A faith holding steadfastly
A mercy that bends rules without breaking them

This freedom rings
A sound resounding
Heard miles off
It cannot be hidden
But why would we want to hide it in the first place?

Hearts are healed
Sickness is destroyed
Promises fulfilled
Forgiveness freely given
The price has already been paid

A life laid down
So simply put
Perfection lived out
Stains removed
Poured into wounds unimaginable

We can focus on the pain
Or we can focus on the gift
Neither is more real
Neither can be returned
But we can be clothed in acceptance

So why not be thankful?
Why not find joy?
What have we got to lose?
It is finished
It has already been done

In the end, nothing else matters
But you never ceased to matter
Every step
Every breath
They’re all worth taking

Arms are open wide
Pulling you in
You can resist
Or let go
Because he’s not letting go of you

He breathes life
Into you
Patiently he’s waited
And patiently he’ll wait
For you to inhale

He’ll come rushing in
Like a rushing wind
With a deep inhale
Filling your lungs
That once gasped for breath

I Need to Remember

I need to remember how you broke me
Into pieces
Throwing me off the deep end
Only to be brought in with the tide
Brought back to you

I need to remember how  you asked for my heart
Only to hold it too tightly
Crushing it in your palm
Letting the dust blow away in the wind

I need to remember your empty promises
Your lies
Your forgetfulness
Every moment you denied the moment before

But instead I’ll remember mornings
Wrapped in your arms
Leaving you at an hour that no one wants to be awake
And you’re never even angry at me
For waking you up
For holding you close
For keeping you warm
You were my winter

Instead I’ll remember spending too much on dinner
Being too full to move
And too full on life to care

I’ll remember drunken kisses
And drunken conversations
And drunken mistakes
Because for a while, every moment was drunken

I’ll remember loving you
I’ll remember losing myself in you
Trying to leave you again and again
Until this final goodbye
Where you’ll be left behind

Because you’re worth a lot
Just not enough
To let go of my dreams
Only to hold you closer
As you hold me down

So I’ll try to remember your brokenness
That broke me
Rather than everything else
That has made me whole


You were my escape
I was running away from everything
Giving it all up for you
Knowing you weren’t who I should be running to
But I was intoxicated
You were like a drug to me
And when you left I couldn’t breathe
As if you had taken all my oxygen with you

And after all this time
Even though spend so much time on my mind
I thought I had finally escaped you
Wanting only to move on to someone new
Maybe someplace new
Yet there is no one
And I’m still here
But I won’t let you have me again

The hardest part
Is that I’m sure you thought you had escaped me too
It’s me who had the final word
But your silence said it all
You’d never take me back
And that was okay in your eternal disappearance
So how dare you reappear

Now I know only that to truly escape you
I need to learn to let you go
I was never enough for you
You were never what I needed
I need to leave this place behind me
Before I do it all again

I’d throw all my inhibitions
Into this gusty wind
Giving you all I have left
As you drain me of all life
An untrustworthy vampire
That I could never quite escape

His Joy

His joy is your strength
And he takes joy in you
In the things that you do
So remember that
In your weakness

His smile shines down on you
Like sunshine on your face
Even when your back is turned
He sees you
He looks at you with loving eyes

He laughs as you dance
Not at you, but with you
Overjoyed by your prancing
In love with your childlike nature

It’s okay to feel small
Next to him, everything is
But he’s on your side
So size will never matter

He has given you wings
You glide on his wind
As his breaths make currents
And you are safe in your flight

He carries you
When you feel you can’t go on
He picks you up
He walks with you on every journey
Your forever companion on every adventure

So set out on a new expedition
Even if you don’t know where it will take you
He’ll make it exciting
All expenses in his hands

Take his joy
You are strong
Now go