Here Before Your Feet

Here before your feet
Not what it seems
Paths that eyes can’t see
Captured within a strong mind
Resting in something else
We all know it
Acknowledging what we cannot know
Souls intertwined
Thoughts battling on their own
No winners
Only recognition
Finding precedence
Here before your feet

It is Time

It’s time to resurrect those Lazarus dreams
Because they’re not dead,
Only sleeping

It’s time to wake up our drowsy souls
So worn down
So stuck in the cold

It’s time to set fire to frozen graves
Because our hearts are not sleeping
They’re wide awake

It’s time to stitch together a quilt of our stories
To use to sit beneath
When outside the rains are pouring

It’s time to hear his voice again
We heard it once
Then pulled away, afraid to begin

It’s time to open up our eyes wide
Because he is literally everywhere
And he is on our side

It’s time to call down miracles
Crazy things will happen
This place will be more than full

It’s time to step into wholeness
Because we are not lost or broken
We are found, healed, blessed

It’s time to relax and rest
What we have now is right
We don’t always have to be the best

It’s time to let loose and sing
Off key, melodies, harmonies
Doesn’t matter, let it ring

It’s time to step into destiny
No more waiting around
Let’s embark on this journey

It’s time to stop caring what they might think
They’re not even watching
Come to the river, drink

It’s time to be filled
So sit at his feet,
Be still

It’s time to overflow
Dig your roots deep
Let’s see how far we get to go

It’s time to declare freedom
Out shackles fell off long ago
Out of captivity, we are done

It is time to resurrect these Lazarus dreams
Because they’re not dead
Only sleeping

It. Is. Time.