New Year

Wash over me
Waves come crashing, rains come falling down
New waters, refreshing
Drought is ending

The thirsty can drink
No need to thirst anymore
Be renewed in this
Be revived in this

Spring up oh well
Can you feel it?
In your heart, you’re overflowing
What you thought was dry is drenched

Can you see death in the land around you?
Because all I see is teaming with green
This land is alive, well, and free
It has not let you down yet

Welcome to a new year
A new life
Be refreshed
This drought is ending

Ahead of the Journey

I try to run ahead
And when  you take your time
I act as though I’m running away
Not realizing that I’m missing the journey
As I leave you behind

I had revelations
Forgetting that that book is at the end
Not that I must wait for it all to be over
But that I have galloped over the stepping stones
That you have laid out before me
In the river
That I might stay dry
Yet now my feet are soaking wet

You don’t have to move me
Though it might be time that I learn
To move with you
Looking around me
Falling into step with you
As we walk this life