For a moment
Take a deep breath
And remember

He has your back
He goes before you
He holds your hand
As he is guiding you

He is your light
In every dark place
Even when you close your eyes
He is with you

You may be walking
Through the Valley
Of the Shadow of Death
But there is nothing left to fear

You are coated
In armor
Of his holiness
Nothing is out to get you

He is ready
And waiting
For you to leave your fears
Behind you

Diving in headfirst
As you follow him
With every episode
You feel yourself fall away

But you are drawing closer
This is not a mountain
And you’ve already climbed it
You have made it

So stop
For a moment
And breathe
Because he is with you


Heaven touches earth
And the light is green

Walking in fear of the next step
Yet you take it
Come so far out
Walking on water
Afraid of drowning
Though he’s taught you to swim

Anyway he’s taken you
Out into the unknown
Out of the wilderness
Can you see the promised land?

Bask in this
No longer suffocating
Fresh start

Heaven touches earth
Standing in the center of it all
Can you feel it?

It washes over you
Every time you close your eyes
Give up your life
This is what trust is

Nothing is familiar
Bathe in the unfamiliar
You belong here
You belong here
You belong here

In the intersection
Where heaven touches earth
The light is green
And you’ve stepped forward


That’s what it is
Something deep within this soul
That doesn’t want to wake up yet

It feels like revival
In this room
Ready to break this heaviness
But with a fear that they’ll see
This brokenness within

Hidden is the easiest way to go on
Yet he never promised easy
He promised dreams coming to life
Fruition and adventure
There’s no turning back now

You’ve walked on the water
Now quit looking at your feet
Or you’ll only see that you are sinking
You’re not sinking
This is only the beginning
Are you ready to make a life here?


See it falling
Around her

She thought she knew
She once held on to

It is all finished
It’s over now
As her back begins to turn
Her face in the wrong direction

Walking steadily
Until something grabs on to her
She needs to be captivated

Captured by her own mind
Her own mistakes sent her sprawling
Though are they mistakes
If they are purposeful?

Forgotten Story

She walks the cobblestone streets
Avoiding any stranger she may meet
Believing no one will ever save a seat for her

She crosses the bridge with covenant locks
Watching young couples as they walk
Hoping no one will try to stop and talk to her

Entering a river she could really soak in
Leaving behind only a story as her token
No one ever noticed she was broken until now

Ireland Chapter 2

I went to a garden yesterday and heard God’s voice. 

I think the hardest thing for me here has been not knowing anyone. No one knows me. And I’m not one to invite myself. So while everyone else went off in their own groups, I walked my own path in the garden alone. But I wasn’t alone. In fact, I don’t feel alone here at all. God really is walking with me. He told me that it’s okay to take my own path, that he made me a trailblazer. But that it’s also okay to invite myself in. I don’t need to wait to be befriended because as much as I don’t know anyone, I am also unknown, and I put up walls that make me uninviting, no matter how unintentional that may be. 

We went to Glendalough and Cashel today. Ruins. Towers. History. Castles. Churches. Worship. Jesus. I’m writing more poetry. I’ll wait until I’m home to share any because it formats weird on the iPad, and I’m just not down for that. I’m also feeling like I belong a little bit more. I keep forgetting that I’ve only been here like 2 days. There is so much left to see and learn.

Today Ray taught about essentially what I wrote my senior thesis on. It was a fantastic feeling to have someone else understand how important authentic and honest writing is. It’s okay to write about the hard stuff, because everyone experiences it. However when I tried to tell him this, he didn’t quite catch what I was trying to say. I wish that I was better at expressing myself when talking, as well as through writing. 

Onward and upward. I have so much ahead of me. Making life an adventure.

Through Deep Waters

He could carry me through deep waters
But would I still be afraid of drowning?
Because I know he’ll keep me safe, and in him I am strong
I have every reason to trust him, no reason to fear I am wrong

So why then, do I fear?
What is it that grips me so tight that I can hardly breathe
Is it my own hand clasped ’round my throat?
Or someone else entirely?

I know full well that nothing can hold me down
But it feels like something is holding me down
I could be lifted so much higher
My feet could leave the ground

Yet I just hold his hand
Making sure the earth won’t disappear from beneath me
Like I have some desire to stay here
Instead of finding myself somewhere so much greater

So I will take a deeper breath
And I will break these chains that bind me
He made me to breathe
And gave me strength to overcome

There is no fear left in me
No worry that the sun won’t rise
My heart will not stop beating
I will carry on forcefully

As I walk into this ocean of endless possibilities
He will carry me through deepest waters
There is no risk of drowning
Finding my own island