“What would Jesus do”

Said as a statement. Not a question.

I was work the other day and a man came and found me and asked for help with the patio furniture. He asked how big of a box this big wooden outdoor chair would come in. Unfortunately, the only one of those chairs that we had in stock was the display, so the box question was irrelevant.

I radioed my manager and was informed that I could not sell a display this early in the patio furniture season. Haha. Retail, am I right?
So I gave this information to the man and his wife, but I let them know that we would be getting more in the future, so they would be able to come back at a later date or order the chair online.
And the lady lost. her. mind.

“Why can’t you sell me this one?!”

“Because I can’t sell the display this early in the season. We just put it out. I’m sorry.”

“I don’t understand why you can’t sell it to me!!!”

“Her manager just told her over the radio that she can’t sell it, I heard the conversation.” (Her husband)

Then the woman starts saying, “What would Jesus do. What would Jesus do. What would Jesus do,” to herself.

And I could think was that Jesus would not lose his mind because a chair was out of stock. In fact, he was a carpenter, and he was perfect, so I’m sure he could easily make a significantly better chair. And I’m sure he could find a much better use of $230 than spending it on an outdoor chair. And if the chair was so necessary for his plan, he would probably send his disciples out and give them instructions about talking to specific people with donkeys or something and they would be sent on a wild goose chase and eventually be gifted the perfect chair.

It always blows my mind when people try to show how holy and Christian they are by mentioning Jesus in the same breath as being super rude to someone. Jesus got angry at the money changers in the temple, and he often mocked the pharisees, but other than that I’m pretty sure he wasn’t rude. He especially wasn’t rude to those he was going to buy something from. American Christianity, especially in the south, is so annoying to me sometimes.
Sure, go ahead and live your life with the WWJD motto. I have no issue with that. Except that most of those people don’t even know the answer to the WWJD question. They just know that they want to throw a toddler temper tantrum because something is out of stock. Something you would use in the spring and summer. Even though it’s February.

Her husband did come and find me and thank me for being helpful and apologized for her behavior. So at least there’s that.

Two Kinds

This was supposed to go up several days ago, but my internet has been out because of the rain.

A week and a half ago I ran a 5k in Birmingham, at the zoo, with my friend, Eli.  He’s not yet a strong runner, so after the first mile and a half, we decided to walk for a little while.  It’s a 5k, it’s not like it mattered for anything either of us was doing.  Anyway, the race was pretty obviously on the road and we were walking on the sidewalk.  After about a minute, a slightly overweight, older woman passed us running, which didn’t matter.  However, as she passed, she chose to yell at us for walking because we weren’t walking single file, even though we were on the sidewalk and there was more than enough room to run on the road, where the race actually was.  People like that make me so mad.  I told Eli that one thing I’ve noticed in the South is that if you’re doing something that someone doesn’t like, they’ll say it as rudely as they can.  In California, you judge everyone, but you’ll say it to your friend, and if you really mean it, you’ll say it loud enough that the person can hear.  Yes, I know that this isn’t a nice thing to do, but I think I prefer it.  I hate confrontation anyway.

Later on in the race we were just reaching a water stop, and we had decided to run after we got a drink.  While we were walking to the table, an older lady passed us and started saying, “Come on, go go go go, don’t let an old lady pass you!”
At first, I was unsure that she was talking to us, but she most definitely was.  It annoyed me, but she was trying to be encouraging.  And after we got our water, we ran.  And we finished the race.

We passed both of these women.  One of them was proud, even though she’d never met us, simply because she was probably a nice woman.  Whereas when we passed the mean lady, I said loudly to Eli, “There’s a mean lady.”  Then as we passed her, I said, “Bye mean lady.”  You know, because I’m a child.  One woman was proud that we finished.  The other one, I was proud to have passed.  She deserved to finish far behind me.  It still irks me.  So stupid.

Anyway, we have the choice to be one of two kinds of people.  We can choose to be annoying and encouraging, because everyone deserves a good life.  Or we can choose to be cranky because not everything is exactly as we wished it was.  Who will I choose  to be today?

Blogging Everyday in July|About Interrupting

I feel as though my life has been interrupted abruptly.  But it’s my fault, really.  I got used to being treated a certain way, used to a certain lifestyle, used to a certain version of respect.  But I interrupted it.

One thing that I’ve noticed here in the South is that people don’t really listen.  Not all people,  but a lot of people.  Why do I say this?  Because it’s a land of interrupters.  I don’t speak  or tell stories because I like the sound of my voice.  It’s a bonding experience.  Stories build community.  But most of the time when I have something to say I am cut off, because someone else has an opinion.  Or even better, because they weren’t listening at all.  I can be in conversation with someone else, and instead of waiting for me to finish, people will interrupt.  Like I don’t matter.  Where I’m from, that’s disrespectful.  You only do it if you have no manners, or if you really don’t care what a person has to say.  And it’s something that I hate.

When I want to speak with someone, and I see that they’re already in conversation with someone else, I will stand and wait.  Unless it’s something time sensitive.  Which it rarely is.  But maybe it’s just because I’m timid.

At work I’ll be helping a guest and another one will walk up and start asking questions.  These people don’t know each other.  And they don’t know me.  How did they reach adulthood and not learn to wait in line?  Wait your freakin’ turn.

There’s a coworker that ignores and interrupts me, no matter what I’m saying.  Even if I’m trying to explain a work situation.  Then I’ll get phone calls later, when I’m at home, because I was interrupted when passing on information.  Literally, listen when people are speaking.

I can be hanging out with my friends here and start telling a funny story or sharing some information about myself, and someone else will just start talking.  Like I don’t matter.  Like I wasn’t just saying something.  It makes me feel as though they don’t have any desire to get to know me.  And they don’t really know me now.  Obviously.  I haven’t been here long enough for anyone to know me.

And I’m trying not to to take offense.  Because I don’t think that they mean anything by it.  I was just raised a certain way.  I grew up a certain way.  My heart just feels disrespected.  Sick of the interruptions.