Unbroken Joy

You are the rhythm I dance to
No one else can match it
The song in my soul belongs to you
Just as I do

I sprint through fields of truth
For a moment to touch your beauty
I can’t quite grasp you in my hand
You open up my whole arms
My whole heart
Taking over my being

Here I am
Take me
All my pieces
You don’t make broken people
In your presence
I am whole

He is Everything

The simplicity of it is that he is everything
An infinite number of stories
All bringing us back to him
Because there is no other

Caught in a desert
Thirsting for life
There is always an oasis
Some place to call home

Yet I find myself asking where my oasis is
As if every season is a desert
Forgetting every step he’s led me before
I have no reason to be afraid

Steady my heart
It is longing for change
This season has ended
Where do I go from here?

It’s as if I already know the answer
I’m just too afraid to admit it
Choosing instead to dwell in a false confusion
Knowing I’m not broken, just finding pieces to my puzzle

This will all make sense eventually
Someday I’ll look back and laugh
I just wish I was laughing now
I don’t walk alone

He knows what I long for
He knows what I dream of
He gives me everything that I need
No matter what path I choose

And I think maybe it’s the choices that are the hardest
Being told for so long that the wrong one is detrimental
Yet finding the truth in a garden with many paths
I can choose my own way to the fountain

I will drink deeply
As I fall in love all over again
I was not made to worry
Finding myself in his everything

Not always entirely sure what I’m doing
But that’s what makes this all an adventure
These restless feet are ready to wander
As my restless heart quickens

I can feel the change coming
Let me just dwell in his everything
He is my everything
It’s just that simple


There is something echoing through me
A feeling of family
When you find it you must grab it
Because it always leaves you behind
In my experience

A soft cadence touches your cheek
Gently running its fingers through your hair
As it passes
Beckoning you home
But should you go?

Heart and soul are torn in two
Subtle justice crying out
Which is more right?
Is there any wrong?
No good with choices

I’d like to say I know where I’m going
But there is only a fear of turning the wrong direction
I know I only need to follow the light
Wherever it takes me
I’ll go

I’m not going to ask you to hear me out
Already crumbling in your presence
Searching for more reasons not to go
Afraid I’m trying too hard
No desires to scare you away

You’re like the swallow on my arm
Always finding its way home
A soulmate that deals fine with separation
Yet what if there is no such thing
Is this only temporary?

Questions dance through my mind
Becoming a forever puzzle
Missing some pieces
Collecting them
There are too many corners

There’s this standard that is unreal
You’ll never reach it
Stop trying
But never give up
Because your dreams are worth having

I ramble through
Yet I must be going somewhere
Maybe I’ll follow you
Maybe we have the same destination
As we meet in this intersection

I’m not sure what I bargained for
I’d never ask for more
My heart keeps finding the broken
We all have a story
Welcome to mine