Names, Dates, Mates, and Babies

I used to go to a prophetic church and participate in prophetic ministry.  I honestly miss being surrounded by a prophetic community.  But prophecy can hurt people way more than it can help people, especially if you’re giving an unwarranted word to someone you don’t know, who doesn’t want it, and you’re wrong.

I had a friend visiting this last weekend and she really wanted to go to a church so we decided to visit one I haven’t been to before, since I don’t have a church here.  This experience made me want to find a church even less than I did before.
My friend wanted to talk to a man who had shared a dream when service was over, so we waited.  After she spoke to him, he decided that he needed to give me a word, and without asking started hugging me and praying for him.  I was uncomfortable the entire time.  And he thought it was appropriate to tell me that I’m going to find a great husband soon.  I wish I had said something, but I didn’t, and I am literally so mad.  Because I have already found my partner.  I have already found the person that I want to love for the rest of my life.

One thing that they taught us when I was doing the supernatural school of ministry and learning prophetic ministry is to not give names, dates, mates, or babies.  Especially if you have no rapport yet.  There are people that I would trust to give me these kinds of word.  But not a stranger.  Not a man that made me so uncomfortable that I just shut down.

It’s prophecy 101.  Learn it.

Waste of Time

You can watch the grass grow
And be lost in it
You can be broken by overwhelming love
You can spend years just wasting your time
But it’s not a wast of time at all

He teaches you to chase
And to be chased
He chases you as you follow him
And every time you fall apart
He puts together all your pieces

So wast your time here
Dedicate your minutes
Dedicate your hours
Know him
Know yourself
Fall in love again

Remember when he called you?
Remember who you were?
You can be that again
It never was just a waste of time

Blogging Everyday in July|A Little Prophetic Poetry

Today at The Ark, some prophetic things happened during worship, which I’m realizing is a regular occurrence.  During this time God gave me a word, a poem, but I wasn’t sure if I was supposed to share it.  Also, I’m an awkward and uncomfortable individual, so, even though I am very comfortable speaking in front of people, drawing attention to myself in order to make the sharing of a word happen is hard for me to do.  I haven’t been at The Ark long enough to cause commotion.
Anyway, I got this word, and I wasn’t sure if I should share it, but I had the feeling I should.  I just kinda told God that the attention would be put on me, I wasn’t going to take it, if he actually wanted me to share the piece.  I made eye contact, but no movement to jump in.  However, now that I am home from work, I still feel the need to share it.  Thus, here it is.

Sometimes we feel let down
And we sing words, repeating
“You will never let me down”
Feeling we are already down
Not realizing the down
Is not really down
But leading to the highest high
The upest up
It’s all just a part of the journey
And looking back
This down will be nothing
But a stepping stone
A learning block
Left behind you
As you have moved on
To the bigger and the better
So keep your head up
Your eyes forward
As he will never let you down
He will never let you stay down
In fact, you are not even down
Held aloft
In his arms

Blogging Everyday in July|A Poem for Allie

My friends here have honed in on a particular talent of mine.   I can write poems quickly, pretty much about anything.  And a lot of times, if the mood is right and if my heart is right and if I’m hearing right, I can write prophetic poems about people.  A few weeks ago I was at a Bible study and my friend, Hannah, asked me to write a poem about her, and I did, and now I get asked to do it for other people.  But only on occasion.  This would be one of these.  But this girl, when she asked me to write a poem about her, didn’t realize that I had already been formulating one in my mind.  So this a poem about Allie Simmons, for Allie Simmons.  If you know her, you are blessed.


Commanding attention without saying a word
Silently ruling in peace
Atmospheres shifting
Try not to hold your breath

Harmonies resonate through the room
Melodies take souls and shake them
There is joy
There is peace
There is love

Every step has purpose
Every word has thought
Nothing careless
Nothing meaningless
Coming alongside with authority

Set aside for a reason
Not fully realized
Created for preservation
Re-birthing royalty
Renewing a line of peace

In Motion

Even the smallest motion causes movement in still water
Ripples that can become waves
So it’s okay if we keep still
As living creatures, even keeping still is not completely still
There is motion in life
Even the stillest life

We make waves by breathing
Change atmospheres by stepping into the room
Perspectives morph with every spoken thought
So please, never stop thinking

They say the beat of a butterfly’s wings can cause a hurricane
You may not see the storms you cause
But storms are where the truth is revealed
Rain brings life
Life in motion

Costa Rica. Pura Vida.

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve posted anything, which is rare for me.  But I actually have a good reason this time.  I’ve been in costa Rica doing some encouraging mission work with my school.  And let me just tell you some of the things that happened on this trip.

First off, before I even left the country, $125 appeared in my passport.  So that was cool.  That was the beginning of the unexpected.

I hear from God a lot, although I’m not always aware of his prophetic voice.  My school has a pretty big focus on the prophetic, so we give and get encouraging words a lot.  But never in the capacity that we did in Costa Rica.  The thing is, I have a hard time fully trusting that it really is God’s voice I hear in the random thoughts that enter my mind.
The first church, the one that we spent the most time with, the pastor just let us do what we were going to do.  My whole team went up and were expected to have a word for someone in the church.  There was a woman that God had been speaking to me about, but I thought that I was hearing him too clearly, that it was too easy, so I assumed it was me and not God.  But there was no one else that God was speaking to me about, there was no one else that I had a word for.  So I just told her what I heard, how proud God was of her, and how much he loves her, amongst other things.  I didn’t even know that she had told her brother that morning that she was feeling like giving up her position in the church.  God used me to tell her exactly what she needed to hear in that moment.
The next church we went to was a “jungle” church.  It was outside on Tuesday nights in a open space of dirt.  When we were greeting different members of the church, God told me he was going to heal a specific elderly woman.  I didn’t know what was wrong with her, but I knew she was going to get healed.  My roommate and I were praying for this woman’s back, because that is what was bothering her.  We didn’t have a translator and I only speak a little bit of spanish, but when we asked if there was anything different, if she felt any change, she started weeping and looking at the light and wiping her eye and thanking God.  Anu and I didn’t know she was blind, but God opened her eyes, and now she can see!  Her back got healed to.  In fact, I think that almost everyone we prayed for that night got healed in some way.  It was mind blowing!

We went to a church in San Vito, which is up this steep, windy road on the top of a mountain.  I ended up being one of the team that preached there.  I talked about how no one needs to be a pastor in order to be a minister or to be used by God.  Jesus was a carpenter, I’m a writer, and lots of other people are used by God everyday who are not pastors.  There was a group of missionaries who are in Costa Rica to help with drug rehab, but are right now just starting up a youth group.  A few of them added my team and I on facebook.  One of them sent me a message a couple days ago to tell me that he was really encouraged by what I said.  That he had never felt called to be a pastor, but was doing full time ministry in another country.  This in turn was really encouraging to me.

Costa Rica.  Pura Vida.  Rich Coast.  Pure Life.  God is doing things there.  He opened eyes and ears, and made the lame walk.  People are learning to hear and trust his voice.  And I will never be the same.