On the Edge

I am standing on the edge
And if I lean out too far, I might fall off this too high ledge
And I’m not sure if you recall my earlier pledge
My promise that I don’t do this for me
But for something bigger than me
Bigger than I can be… on my own

I am standing on the edge
And I think it’s time I make a decision
Between writing for me, living for me
Or living for something bigger than me…

I’m standing on the edge
And I thought that I was falling
Because in that abandoned park parking lot
On that cold wintry night
We were pouring out our lives
And he took me by surprise
When he kissed me
But soon I hit the ground and skinned my knee
Because I was nothing more than good company
So it’s time I sew my broken heart back together.

I am standing on the edge
And I know I could be soaring
If I only made the right choice of where to go.
Because I could give up now
Or I could be something so much bigger

This isn’t for me, it’s for you