New Year

Wash over me
Waves come crashing, rains come falling down
New waters, refreshing
Drought is ending

The thirsty can drink
No need to thirst anymore
Be renewed in this
Be revived in this

Spring up oh well
Can you feel it?
In your heart, you’re overflowing
What you thought was dry is drenched

Can you see death in the land around you?
Because all I see is teaming with green
This land is alive, well, and free
It has not let you down yet

Welcome to a new year
A new life
Be refreshed
This drought is ending

When It’s Overwhelming

A truly interesting experience
To step into
Fall into, really
When you don’t know what to expect
And then God embarrasses you
Seeing your heart
Whispering in your ear
What do you have to be ashamed of?
When I have redeemed you
Rescued you from shame

Too much
Too good
Too crazy
And wondering what am I?
Amidst the chords and insanity
I don’t know how to follow this
Can I dwell in this glory?
Can I be free in this?
Or am I locking up my heart and throwing away the key?

The seats are empty around me
Because they all live at the altar
But maybe this is my altar
Making my sacrifices alone

70 times seven apologies
Cities he’ll give you
Cities he’ll take
Even when we don’t want to say it
We belong to him
In him
And he will take us over
If only we’ll let him

Maybe something broke within me
Every time I step a little closer
A little more love spills out of me
I can’t control it
It’s too much
Feeling I’ve become too much

Sitting in Silence

Sitting in silence
By myself
With myself
Really getting to know myself
As my purpose is forgotten

So utterly alone
Wondering if I can make it
On my own
As it’s too late
To abandon this quest

Empty home
Empty heart
Fill me up
To the brim
Welcome me in

No one said this was easy
Though I wish it was
It’s something I have to do
My hand is held
Let me just trust this

Within my chest
Lays a cavern
Where my heart still beats
Where my lungs still breathe
Take care of me

Mistaken identity
Please remember me
Though I won’t be returning to you
Anytime soon

I was used
And kept coming back for more
Because I’d forgotten how to feel
And I just needed to feel something

Yet now I feel too much
Threatening to pull away at every touch
Begging you to hold me
2,000 miles away
I’m lonely
Sitting in silence


My plans are bigger than you could even imagine
But my timing may not be what you’re expecting
You see, life is much longer than it looks
And even when you’re old, you’ll be young
New things come everyday, so keep your eyes open

I am always speaking to you
My voice is not imaginary
And you hear it
Even when you don’t realize it’s me
You’r responses will always be your choice
But I’m proud of you either way

This pressure that you feel isn’t real
It’s not something you need to give in to
It’s not something you need to overcome
And I promise, you will be free
Just trust me

I made your lungs to breathe
And your heart to beat
Your eyes see because I designed them to
Your ears can hear music because I love it too
When I made you, I said, “It is good.”

You are more than good enough to me
Can’t you see?
I will always be your rescuer, but you don’t need to be saved as much as you worry

The choices set before you are yours to make
No matter what you choose, I’ll still smile down on you
I’ve always smiled at what you do
You don’t need to question me anymore

I know you feel that you are broken
I know you feel I made you that way
I know you’re searching for my reasons
But I don’t make broken people

You are whole
You are sustained
You are filled and overflowing
And I’ll still be there when you feel you’ve gone dry
I hold you, even when you think I’ve deserted you

I can’t get enough of you
I love you more than you’ll ever know
There’s nothing you could do to stop it
I loved you before you knew me
And even longer

So don’t worry about your next step
I’ll guide it, no matter what
Step out
Because even if you fall, I’ll catch you
Even if you sink, I’ll pull you up
You’ve got this
And I’ve got you