His Idea

Christ is personal
He’s been here since the beginning
First God
Then Man
Two in one
Making me complete
Picking up my pieces
Putting me together
Crafting my very being
Ever since the beginning

Before time
He made time
Living outside of it
Experiencing all of it
And no matter what
He understands
He creates
He saves
He loves, first

Christ is first
Christ is last
Christ is forever

He thought it all up
Existence was his idea
And what a great idea it was
That we get to live and breathe and learn

So teach me
Show me who I am again
Show me who I can be
Created in this image
Built to last forever
From the beginning
To the end

Ahead of the Journey

I try to run ahead
And when  you take your time
I act as though I’m running away
Not realizing that I’m missing the journey
As I leave you behind

I had revelations
Forgetting that that book is at the end
Not that I must wait for it all to be over
But that I have galloped over the stepping stones
That you have laid out before me
In the river
That I might stay dry
Yet now my feet are soaking wet

You don’t have to move me
Though it might be time that I learn
To move with you
Looking around me
Falling into step with you
As we walk this life