In the Wake

In the wake of the storm
A stillness unsettling
We dwell here
Searching for your peace

Pieces of our brokenness collected
Bringing them to our father
With tears streaming
Not realizing your joy at these gifts

You delight in your children
Yet we hide, ashamed
Believing we are naked in the garden
Not realizing you have already seen

We are not disappointments
Works in progress
You smile upon us
At every step

Every time we stumble
You are there to catch us
Not disappointments
As we chase you

Striving, ever striving
Not accepting rest
Afraid to settle
Your voice says, “just be still”

Leaps and bounds are not expected
The journey is what we were made for
You fall in love with our story
As we tell your story

We battled the storm
And you were with us
Your hand upon us
Carrying us when we couldn’t go on

Now here, in the wake
There is a stillness, unsettling
We can dwell here
Finding your peace

Ireland Chapter 2

I went to a garden yesterday and heard God’s voice. 

I think the hardest thing for me here has been not knowing anyone. No one knows me. And I’m not one to invite myself. So while everyone else went off in their own groups, I walked my own path in the garden alone. But I wasn’t alone. In fact, I don’t feel alone here at all. God really is walking with me. He told me that it’s okay to take my own path, that he made me a trailblazer. But that it’s also okay to invite myself in. I don’t need to wait to be befriended because as much as I don’t know anyone, I am also unknown, and I put up walls that make me uninviting, no matter how unintentional that may be. 

We went to Glendalough and Cashel today. Ruins. Towers. History. Castles. Churches. Worship. Jesus. I’m writing more poetry. I’ll wait until I’m home to share any because it formats weird on the iPad, and I’m just not down for that. I’m also feeling like I belong a little bit more. I keep forgetting that I’ve only been here like 2 days. There is so much left to see and learn.

Today Ray taught about essentially what I wrote my senior thesis on. It was a fantastic feeling to have someone else understand how important authentic and honest writing is. It’s okay to write about the hard stuff, because everyone experiences it. However when I tried to tell him this, he didn’t quite catch what I was trying to say. I wish that I was better at expressing myself when talking, as well as through writing. 

Onward and upward. I have so much ahead of me. Making life an adventure.