His Idea

Christ is personal
He’s been here since the beginning
First God
Then Man
Two in one
Making me complete
Picking up my pieces
Putting me together
Crafting my very being
Ever since the beginning

Before time
He made time
Living outside of it
Experiencing all of it
And no matter what
He understands
He creates
He saves
He loves, first

Christ is first
Christ is last
Christ is forever

He thought it all up
Existence was his idea
And what a great idea it was
That we get to live and breathe and learn

So teach me
Show me who I am again
Show me who I can be
Created in this image
Built to last forever
From the beginning
To the end

Love is Scary

Valentine’s Day was last week.  I don’t know much about the origin of Valentine’s Day, and I’ve never really fully partaken in the holiday, because it’s become a hallmark holiday to sell merchandise and make single people feel lonely.  However, this year was my first year as part of a real couple on Valentine’s Day.  Not that I find the holiday important, but it has gotten me thinking.

How does one know that they will love someone forever?  How do we trust that our partner will love us forever?  What is forever?  Love is about trust.  Love is about loyalty.  Love is a choice.  I’m in a relationship that I could perceive lasting forever.  I have zero desire for it to end.  It’s just sometimes hard to wrap my head around someone wanting to be with me forever.  People are constantly changing and evolving.  But my parents were together 43 years and would have been together another thousand if possible.  I want that.  Maybe I have that.  Giving your heart to someone is just a little terrifying.

But is it the same with God’s love?  Because he is love and will love me forever.  His love is not dependent on whether we’re in the same place or like the same things.  It just is.  As long as I can trust that, nothing else really matters, I guess.

So what if love is scary?  It just might be worth it.  God’s love brought me all the way across the country, didn’t it?  And there are probably a thousand more adventures to be had.

If This Land Could Talk

Silver angels dance on this ancient land
It has seen things that could not be imagined, were they not true
It has survived what we could not
If only this land could talk

There would be stories of revival
Lost souls finding refuge
No longer searching for home
Because they found it along the way

There would be stories of destruction
Young bodies ripped from their beds
Forced to be broken
No longer working for themselves

There would be stories of freezing starvation
A winter that lasted too long
A harvest that just wouldn’t come
Becoming an empty tundra

There would be stories of sorrow
No place to lay their heads
No more rest to be had
But persisting anyway

There would be stories of life
Life to come
Life abundantly
Because this ancient land is strong

This land is persistent
Will not be done soon
Preparing for restoration
Carrying a warranty of forever

Bearing News

Do you want to hear a love story?  

I went to a wedding on Saturday.  It was my very first college roommate’s wedding.  I love her with a large portion of my heart, and her love story is one of the best.

When Jenny was in first grade, she met a boy named Shannon.  He was her first crush.  She spent most of her life having a crush on Shannon, but never took it further than that.  
Shannon knew Jenny all through school, but never super well.  In their senior year of high school, the two of them started to build an actual friendship.  Shannon was afraid at first to take their friendship any further, because he knew that if he dated Jenny, he’d never date anyone else; he knew that Jenny was a girl you marry.
The summer before they both started college in separate states, Jenny and Shannon came up with the idea to go on a practice date, because Shannon had not dated in high school and wanted to be prepared for college.  Their practice date quickly became a real date.  They were together for maybe a month, give or take, and Jenny went away to college in California, while Shannon stayed to do college in Oregon.  
I met Jenny on move-in day.  We both had new boyfriends that were long-distance.  However, my long-distance relationship only lasted until Easter, while Jenny’s was still going strong. 
They spent the summer together, and when they were apart they talked on the phone whenever they could.  They could not visit each other often, but they knew almost every detail of each other’s life.  
Jenny did a semester abroad her third year of college.  Now, not only were her and Shannon long-distance, they weren’t even in the same country, let alone the same timezone.  But they made it through.
Last Christmas, Shannon enlisted all of Jenny’s college friends in helping him come up with the perfect proposal.  He had us all meet her in special places at the college and read notes about how much we loved her and how much we would miss her, because she was finishing a semester early.  She had no idea that this was all leading up to Shannon’s note and proposal.  She thought it would still be a year before he was ready.  So her proposal was a complete surprise.  
I led Jenny down to a candlelit gazebo where Shannon stood with flowers and ring.  He got down on one knee and she said yes.  
They had spent more of their relationship apart than together, but they are better at communicating than any other couple I’ve heard of.  And on Saturday they said “I do” to a lifetime of never being apart again. 


But enough of that.  
There was a bear IN my house yesterday morning.  I wasn’t there because I was on my way back from Oregon, but I guess it ate the trash and all of my roommate’s groceries that were on the counter.  And he keeps coming back.  What if I get eaten?!