He stirs the waters
A storm on the horizon
Like the rising sun
He will not be ignored

Learning to rest in this
Rushing forward to the eye of the storm
There, in the center, peace is found

With every breath, Yahweh
Breathe him in
Breathe him out
Not gasping anymore

Every step of the way you have fought him
In acceptance and denial
But he has made you this way
He is proud of your fire

Your rebellious nature is one you have been brought up to carry with shame
Yet he breathed it into you at conception
His spark started a flame in you that only love can tame
And he is proud of your fire

Yahweh the arsonist set souls on fire with a new spirit
Though flames are something we have been taught to fear
Because we see only immediate destruction
Rarely has the time been taken to see the new life birthed from these fires

He is proud of your fire
He puts that fire in you
And you’re not going down in flames
If anything, you’re only going up

Blogging Everyday in July|A Poem for a Pastor

I moved to Florence and inadvertently claimed the Ark as my church.  The Ark is a lighthouse to this area.  Lighthouses tend to follow me (or lead me?) wherever I go.  The college I went to uses a lighthouse as its symbol.  The church I went to in Mammoth was called Lighthouse and is a lighthouse to the nations.  And now I’m here, part of yet another lighthouse.  A place where the lost can be found.  A place where maybe I’ll be found.
A couple weeks ago my pastor(?) and some of my friends came to my place of work for a coffee and a hang.  I sat with them on my break and Phillip Clemons, the father of the Ark, the pastor, found out I was a writer and was blogging everyday in July and said I should write a poem about him.  The thing is, when I’m part of a church, I’m usually far too involved, either because my school requires me to or… no, that’s pretty much it; church has been a requirement of school for me for a long time.  So of course I had relationship with the pastors.  But here, for the first time in a long time, I have had the option to blend in.  So I haven’t really gotten to know my pastor.  So much, that it’s strange to call him that.  Am I one of his sheep?  (Because the word pastor comes from the Latin word for shepherd.)  But I have chosen the Ark.  Because I love the community I have found there.  Thus Phillip Clemons is my pastor.
Anyway, he said I should write a poem about him.  So I did.  But since I don’t actually know him, this was a challenge.  Because I’m not perfect.  I’ll stop stalling now.

Phillip Clemons
Wise like an owl
Fierce like an eagle
Taking flight
Taking flight
Taking flight

Over and over again
Leading fearlessly
Because there is nothing to fear

The roar of a lion
Fire is called down
Lives change
Hearts heal
All because of obedience

Abundant blessing
Blessing begets blessing begets blessing
Simply blessed

A voice worth hearing
A call worth responding
A vision gifted
Clear as day

Helper to the helpless
Finder of the lost

Wise like an owl
Fierce like an eagle
Took flight
Born to soar


Fire fills her soul
Dragon’s breath warming her coals
Heating up her dry bones
Breathing out sparks of gold
She’ll never taste a word

Fruition is what she craves
Failing to remember that planted seeds need time to grow
Her fire has burned up all the weeds
Waiting till new growth springs
Leaves on trees

Everywhere she turns her eyes see green
Remembering promises from a land away
Throwing away who she was on the ground where she used to lay
Running full speed toward the newest game to play

She fell to the floor, broken
Skinned her knees
But those scars are gone now
If only she’ll leave them be

She is fire, water, earth, and air
Elements born from every memory
Find her in the sea
Feel her permanent heat
Know the ground beneath your feet
Don’t forget to breathe

Mystical, unreal
Dragons are only mind’s conception
Yet she’ll stand before you

Touching Presence

Feel it build with the music
Something I’d forgotten
Something worth chasing
I’ll catch it as I rest

Faces unfamiliar
No knowledge that they are welcoming me
The prodigal has come home

Peace washes over the room
Presence touching souls
Warming in a new light
Now open your eyes

Consume me in this fire
Burn me up
Take my bones and remake me
Into who I’m supposed to be

I have a purpose
Though I’m easily distracted
I just had to find it again
As it’s standing right in front of me

Stars, Like Dreams

Stars, like dreams, are something quite different than they might seem
They come out at night, pinholes in the sky
They promise to lead us toward the truth
Yet constantly distract us with little, white lies

Because stars aren’t pinholes
They are a million miles away
Flaming balls of fire that we find oh so beautiful
That we’ll never stop trying

Stars are always present
Pictures of the past
Promises of the future
Though they often go unseen
As the city lights around us drown out the stories above the skyline
While our dreams get lost somewhere in the byline
In chasing them we forget to read all of the guidelines
So here we are, on our knees again

Stars, like dreams, are larger than life
We pick our favorite to keep us warm in the morning
Looking for meaning in the smallest details
Keeping us up at night

Stars, like dreams, give us something to wish on
As we lose sight of the vision
Forgetting to keep moving our feet
Thinking we’ll get there if we just keep our eyes open

But sometimes, on summer nights
Stars, like dreams, are something to look forward to
So grab your blanket
I’ll go stargazing with you

En Fuego

Sometimes there’s beauty from ashes
Nature taking itself back
Flood gates opened and communities destroyed
But it’s what we always asked for

Bring on the rain
Pour out the fire
And disappear in the smoke that follows
Because that’s all I know how to do

Go for a swim and come back drowning
These lungs don’t need air anymore
This voice is nonexistent
They always forgot to listen anyway

I’m not exactly running away
I’m escaping
From this prison with no doors and windows
Lacking the space that peace builds around

The grass grows anyway
The flowers bloom anyway
And nothing you can say will stop them
Even in my efforts to protect them from you

The weeds you’ve planted are dying
Not strong enough to withstand my fire
Because that’s all I am
All I was born to be

I used to be afraid to burn
Never seeing the beauty that came after
Only seeing destruction and death
Forgetting that all is natural

But this spark gave way to an inferno
And there will be nothing left
Flame on
I am strong

Strong enough to claim this valley
But choosing to move on instead
They can’t breathe in my smoke
Falling, gasping for air

I am not hardened
My heart still beats freely
To the rhythm of war drums
Yet my storm is quelled

I’ll be a candle again
I’ll be peace again
I’ll be silent again
As I am reborn