30 Days Done

As I’ve said before, every January I try to do 30 straight days of Yoga with Adrienne. I love that she does this every year and it gives me an opportunity to build momentum for the year ahead of me. Today marks the end of January, thus I have done yoga for 30 days straight. (31 days really, because I did yoga on the 1st of the month too, even though her 30 days doesn’t start until the 2nd)

I feel accomplished. I feel like I can do this year right. I have a lot of things planned for this year, some big changes are coming that haven’t been announced yet, and I am pumped. I want to step forward with confidence. I may not get it all right, but I can do it. I am smart and I am capable.

I am setting goals for myself to make myself a better person, inside and out.

What goals are you setting? I’d love to hear them.


See it falling
Around her

She thought she knew
She once held on to

It is all finished
It’s over now
As her back begins to turn
Her face in the wrong direction

Walking steadily
Until something grabs on to her
She needs to be captivated

Captured by her own mind
Her own mistakes sent her sprawling
Though are they mistakes
If they are purposeful?

The Consequences of Moving On

In commotion we try to rush things
Moving on before things are finished
Abandoning lives before they’ve fully blossomed

There is rhythm in motion
And there is upset if you skip a song before it’s over
This is not a solo road trip

Stop leaving without saying a word
You have built something
Don’t forget that you have a family

No one is ready to let you go
They want to send you off right
A house warming and goodbye in one

Welcome to real life
Where decisions are hard
But we choose to live with the consequences


There is a song in my soul
Singing to me
Pushing me forward
Telling me I can’t let go

Even in all this confusion
As my thoughts are swirling around me
I hear it
Calling my name

I’ll cross an inevitable ending off my list
Because this story is only starting
It will not be finished soon
I’ll take another step forward

Holding on with every bit of strength
I will not fall
That does not sit well with me
Give me another adventure

I am dancing to the beat
Of my own drum
Humming to the tune
Of a new song

You can sing along
With me
If you so desire
Just listen

We can follow along together
Swaying with this melody
No need to go on alone
We can make our own adventure