I’ve Been Having a Hard Time

I've been having a hard time. This past year has been hard. I switched antidepressants in September, and that helped my mental state for a couple months, but now things have only gotten worse. My poor husband has been such a rock to hold onto as he's helped me deal with my constant ups and …

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I would rather be where the party isn't But still be invited to the party I don't need to be here And it doesn't need to be known Though I am not forgotten In the moment I am forgotten Alone in an empty room Seems a thousand times safer Than vulnerable in a room with …

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Leaving Dublin

When I left Dublin a month ago, I didn't know why I was leaving. I didn't know where I would be when I got home. I didn't want it to end, but like all adventures do, it did. But I've had some reflection. I've been led. And I think that I'm where I'm supposed to be. I think I know what the next step is. I'm just trying not to rush it.