Putting Myself Out There

I used to really want to be a professional writer. I was constantly writing poetry and working on spoken word. I blogged consistently. I was dreaming big because I wanted to have a career I loved. But about four years ago, reality hit. I was still blogging and writing poetry and doing events, but I …

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My Thoughts On a Crisis

The world is going through sudden pandemonium. And apparently none of us saw it coming. Even though we've been warned. Even though we've been writing books about it and making movies about it and scaring each other with it for years now. Because we never expected it to really happen. Everything is changing, but I …

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Something lives inside her Eating her alive In her heart In her mind In her soul Bringing her low Beneath the soil Burying her in regret Telling her she has done everything wrong When she has done nothing wrong But living And loving And giving herself away