New Year

Wash over me
Waves come crashing, rains come falling down
New waters, refreshing
Drought is ending

The thirsty can drink
No need to thirst anymore
Be renewed in this
Be revived in this

Spring up oh well
Can you feel it?
In your heart, you’re overflowing
What you thought was dry is drenched

Can you see death in the land around you?
Because all I see is teaming with green
This land is alive, well, and free
It has not let you down yet

Welcome to a new year
A new life
Be refreshed
This drought is ending


I am the Titanic
And honey
You were my iceberg
I hit you
And found myself sunk

Now I am stuck
At the bottom of the ocean
Not even trying to gasp for air

All those people I was carrying
Only looking for home
Came to their end
When they met me
And I met you

You were frozen
Appearing oh so small
I was unaware of what lurked
Beneath the surface

Your cold heart
You kept it hidden
So easily from me
Because I tend to only see
What I want to see

I ran to you
Too quickly
Crashing and burning
Alone in an icy sea

I was searching for home
Thought that I’d find it in you
Once again mistaken
Will I be remembered?
My sunken remains

But what if I’ve got it all wrong?

I keep myself hidden
Only pieces dare to breach the surface
I saw you coming
A long way off
Then had the nerve to blame you

Honey, you were the Titanic
Large and proud
Nothing could take you down
You did everything you could
To avoid me

You struck me anyway
And I still float here
I’m okay
But what became of you?

You sunk
To the bottom of the ocean
Because my frozen heart
Was unbreakable
Too strong for your strength

We were unable to float in this sea together