“Save Me”

“Save me”
Crying out
“Save me”
Clawing at the edges
“Save me”
Can’t pull yourself up

“I can’t do this on my own
Not anymore”
You yell this in his face
As he gently beckons
Just let go

Afraid of heights
Pulling yourself to the top of the pit
Will not look back at what you’re climbing from
“Save me”
Just let go

Beneath you
Right beneath you
Are arms poised and ready
Waiting for you to just let go
So they can catch you

“Save me”
Crying out
As you pull away from salvation
Not realizing you are saved
If you’d just let go

No longer waiting
No longer striving in fear
“Save me”
Words that are only memories to your lips
Just let go
You are safe


The rolling hills became mountains before me
I climbed them, steady and true
Now I live among them and thrive
I have lost no will to survive

Everything that had kept me up at night
Now brings me terror in the day
But I will fight through this, strong
I will not be held down for long

The voices grow louder in the morning
Creeping up to wake my waiting ears
Ignoring them, moving past them in confidence
Knowing I won’t feel alone with patience

I heard the call and I came
Running full speed in eager anticipation
Knowing I have no reason to be afraid
The cards are on the table, already played

So maybe it’s time to simply relax
It appears I am becoming one with nature
Finding my reflection in every stream, pond, and dirty window
Not worrying when the days bring rain or snow

Looking behind me, wondering how I got to this place
Slowly realizing it is where I belong
Placing it all on the highest shelf
Because here is where I’ll find myself



Even if I fall I still land
With my feet on the ground beneath me
Keeping me steady, You hold my hand
You’re so much bigger, Your head so much higher
You can see what is coming way before I do
While I’m still picking my way at the path before me
Even though the climbing is hard
The top of the mountain has the most perfect view
Even if it’s hard to breathe at the summit
The valley might not be where I belong

Home Again

I’m at home.  I’m so busy doing nothing that I forget to do everything.
But seriously though, it’s been good to be home.  I have no responsibilities so I can just relax for a few weeks before I go up to Eureka.  I’ve gone climbing, running, played tennis, played an open mic, went to a concert, went a lovely child’s 4th birthday party, led worship, and went on a hike.  And I’ve only been home a week.  However, I haven’t really gotten any writing done.

In the next few weeks I want to finish reading a book, start writing my book, write some new poetry, and write at least one new song.  I hope to go on my more hikes and spend more time with my friend Jena.  I also want to have a sleep over with my lovely friends Lauren and Karina.

Before I go to Eureka, I’m planning on getting my A/C fixed so the drive up will be bearable.  It’d also be great to fix the speakers in my car, or just get new speakers.  Maybe get my hair fixed as well.

Who knows how much of this stuff will actually get done.

Oh well, life is good.  Hopefully I’ll get better at weekly life updates as time passes.  Muah