Within Love’s Grasp

Within love’s grasp
We can rest
We can dance and sing
Wait and see
What this brings

Love pulls you in
Love holds you close to its chest
Lets you feel those heartbeats
Reminding you that love is alive
And love is for you

Close your eyes
You don’t need to see the future
To know that love will still be there
Holding you in its grasp
Taking you on countless adventures

Because love is adventurous!
And love has got its eyes on you
Love has dreamed about you for so long
Waiting for the day you would be within its reach
Just wanting to grasp you

Love understands you
Stands with you in freedom
Cries over any bondage
Fights for what is right
Desires better than the best

Love has got you
Within its grasp
And will hold you there
So you can relax
And be loved

Sitting in Silence

Sitting in silence
By myself
With myself
Really getting to know myself
As my purpose is forgotten

So utterly alone
Wondering if I can make it
On my own
As it’s too late
To abandon this quest

Empty home
Empty heart
Fill me up
To the brim
Welcome me in

No one said this was easy
Though I wish it was
It’s something I have to do
My hand is held
Let me just trust this

Within my chest
Lays a cavern
Where my heart still beats
Where my lungs still breathe
Take care of me

Mistaken identity
Please remember me
Though I won’t be returning to you
Anytime soon

I was used
And kept coming back for more
Because I’d forgotten how to feel
And I just needed to feel something

Yet now I feel too much
Threatening to pull away at every touch
Begging you to hold me
2,000 miles away
I’m lonely
Sitting in silence

Take Me With You

Take me on a journey
Over mountains
Across seas
Past fields of endless possibilities
It’s time to tread roughly
On realized dreams
No more falling apart at the seams

Spying new realities
Just over the horizon
Something I’ve never experienced before
Warmth entering an endless spring

Winter is my home
Building a house from broken icicles
Basking in frozen tundra
I have made my home here

Finding it is time to move on
Can you feel my restless heart?
Beating frantically out of my chest
Pulled out by my roots
Just take me with you

Carry me
As I somehow plan on learning
To carry you

Dwell in me again
I’ll follow your footprints
Until I find you
Though you know I’m not trying that hard

Halfhearted attempts
To fall in love
With nothing at all

Lost again
Waiting to be found
Called out
As I struggle to remain hidden
In my darkness once again

Take me with you