Living A Carless Existence

Two weeks ago Bobby and I uprooted again and moved to San Diego. It has been a big change already and sometimes I get scared that we won’t survive, but I’m trying to be positive, because overall this change is probably for the best.

Between the two of us, there is only one car. Bobby works within 2 miles of where we live, so it is very easy for him to take his bike or walk to work. But sometimes he has to work at a different location, which is more like 15-20 miles of where we live. We decided that, since the bus routes don’t go all the way to his second work location, that I can take the bus sometimes. In order to save money, I want to try to take the bus or my bike most days, but I have to get in better shape for that to happen.

So on Friday I decided to be brave and take the first step toward living a carless existence. I took the bus, which is $6 for a day pass, so that he wouldn’t have to take a Lyft, which is $40 one way to his other work location. As I was gathering my things and going out the door I remembered that I would need keys in order to get back into the apartment when I got home.
I successfully made three bus changes and didn’t get lost or have an anxiety attack the whole way to work. I was so proud. Then Bobby called me. He didn’t know where the car keys were. We used to have two sets, but his went missing a month or so ago, so we’re down to one. Our one car key is on my set of keys, which I had grabbed as I went out the door to catch my bus.

We were stuck. Bobby had to take a Lyft anyway, which means my effort to save us money had actually cost us more money. I’m still mad about it.


Long drives on county roads
Tall grass tracing existence
Giving me something to dream on
Noah on the speakers
But it’s God that’s speaking to me
This is church
This is worship
Presence on my mind
Behind me
Before me
At the top of my lungs

I am more myself here
With no one else around
Me, Noah, and God
Truth rings out in this car
Constantly craving authenticity
Believing I am failing at being authentic
Find me here

I have tried to drown myself
In self medication
Living in denial
Waking up to too many empty mornings
I need another drive
I was found there

Blogging Everyday in July|Carcrash

Car crash, shipwreck
Chaos ensues when I step into the room
Your voice in my head controls me
The extent of this weakens me
There is no way to say no
Because I want this too

Car crash
Lost control of the wheel
When I met you
Crashing into the guardrail
Shattering my whole being
Still smeared on the road there

Desert island, don’t want to be rescued
Needed to get away
But I never learned to sail
Every decision leads me back to you

Car crash, shipwreck
Chaos ensues
Can’t get away from you
My heart, my soul
My destruction

Life in the Snow

So I live in Mammoth, and it’s been snowing a lot.  I got a second job working for the mountain so that I could have a free pass, which means I wake up early everyday and I work doubles almost everyday and I’m tired.  Thus I haven’t been writing nearly as much as I would like to be.  But I thought maybe I’d give a little life update.

It’s snowed a lot almost every week since like November.  My car doesn’t like it that much, but my snowboard does.  I’m not a great snowboarder or a great skier, but I have fun. I’m trying to make the most of this season, since it may be my last.

On March 15th I am moving across the country to Florence, Alabama.  It’s time to do something crazy, and I need to be in a community that betters me and my writing. Mammoth seems to lead to mistakes.  Not for everyone, obviously, but lately for me.  Nothing detrimental, I’m just tired all the time.

But it is nice living near my best friend, even though I never see her because we’re much too busy for each other and have developed different interests.  I still love her.  If I ever get married, she’ll be the one making the goofy speech about living in a dorm room with me.

Ask me questions, because I don’t have much to say.  I want to make my life an adventure, and I believe it really has been one.  So what’s next?