It’s Cool To Be an Alcoholic

When did it become a normal thing to fetishize drinking tons of alcohol?

I noticed a while ago that a lot of shirts for sale have sayings on them like, “Rosé all day” “Coffee and wine, feelin’ fine” “Relationship Status: Wine”

I saw a girl wearing a wine sloganed sweater at the gym...
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I counted 11 different wine sloganed shirts on Target’s website alone.
I used to love wine. I still like it. I’m drinking a glass right now. But most of these shirts are probably being bought by underage teens. Kids who will grow up thinking day drinking is normal. And again, there’s nothing wrong with day drinking on its own, but when it becomes the norm, then how do you even know what a day without alcohol is like? How do you drive?

I’ve had far more fun sober days than non-sober days. Maybe I’m just getting old. Because I’m not that conservative. I’m just over people who know nothing about wine fetishizing it. Because I’m almost positive that the people who buy these shirts probably spend $25 on five bottles of cheap wine rather than on one bottle of good wine.

Maybe I’m just annoyed. I just don’t think it’s that cool to be an alcoholic.


It smells like cigarettes and alcohol as the crowd stumbles around me
The beat of the drum matches my heart inside me
And I find my feet tapping and my body moving
And I am content

Yet if they could see me now, I’m sure they would frown
I’ve grown accustomed to you shaking your head at me
Yet I wonder what is so wrong with loving what I love and being who I am
When I am content?

I’ve never been one to follow someone else’s rules
What does not bend is easily broken
I cannot follow your rules; I cannot be just like you
I am content

You preach “Speak the truth in love,” yet I only feel judged
So how must those feel who don’t know what we know?
You must feel so special as you become a Pharisee
Are you content?

I have tattoos and gauges and sinners for friends
We drive fast in our cars and listen to hard music
But I’ve found more love and acceptance here than in your four walls
And we are content

I wonder, do you even know him at all?
Because you have never loved them, but they are learning to love
So I wonder, who are we to judge
When he is content?

Fully Compromised

Blue and red shimmers
Empire state building weddings
East coast overheard
Drunken conversations

This is not me
Though maybe it’s more myself
Than I have ever been
Tipping the scales of my broken heart
Never go home alone

No one wants to be on their own
Not tonight
Searching for something
That hearts can hold onto
As they break all over again

I can’t hear you anymore
And I feel as though I have nothing to say
I want to feel you
As I am carried through this
Kicking and screaming
Who will I be on the other side?

The heart wants what it wants
As the soul bends under the pressure
Tainted and stained
Can you still find me?
I just want to be wanted

Somewhere back there
The path disappeared
Following a rabbit trail
That leads to only the wrong places
Can you feel the love?

Wondering how far a person can go
Before they’re changed forever
Am I changed forever?
Do you even recognize me?

As though a rescuing needs to happen
Already saved
Maybe secure
With nothing left to hold onto

I think I used to be holding onto you
Until I let someone else hold me
Wash me clean

Inside of lies
Wondering where the truth is
As I fall on my knees
Sucked dry of everything
Begging for stillness
Except asking for nothing

Not even sure what I want anymore
Trapped inside a mess of confusion
No one can get me out
Only myself
Only I won’t

Refusing to remember who I was
Was I even happy then?
Fully compromised