“What would Jesus do”

Said as a statement. Not a question.

I was work the other day and a man came and found me and asked for help with the patio furniture. He asked how big of a box this big wooden outdoor chair would come in. Unfortunately, the only one of those chairs that we had in stock was the display, so the box question was irrelevant.

I radioed my manager and was informed that I could not sell a display this early in the patio furniture season. Haha. Retail, am I right?
So I gave this information to the man and his wife, but I let them know that we would be getting more in the future, so they would be able to come back at a later date or order the chair online.
And the lady lost. her. mind.

“Why can’t you sell me this one?!”

“Because I can’t sell the display this early in the season. We just put it out. I’m sorry.”

“I don’t understand why you can’t sell it to me!!!”

“Her manager just told her over the radio that she can’t sell it, I heard the conversation.” (Her husband)

Then the woman starts saying, “What would Jesus do. What would Jesus do. What would Jesus do,” to herself.

And I could think was that Jesus would not lose his mind because a chair was out of stock. In fact, he was a carpenter, and he was perfect, so I’m sure he could easily make a significantly better chair. And I’m sure he could find a much better use of $230 than spending it on an outdoor chair. And if the chair was so necessary for his plan, he would probably send his disciples out and give them instructions about talking to specific people with donkeys or something and they would be sent on a wild goose chase and eventually be gifted the perfect chair.

It always blows my mind when people try to show how holy and Christian they are by mentioning Jesus in the same breath as being super rude to someone. Jesus got angry at the money changers in the temple, and he often mocked the pharisees, but other than that I’m pretty sure he wasn’t rude. He especially wasn’t rude to those he was going to buy something from. American Christianity, especially in the south, is so annoying to me sometimes.
Sure, go ahead and live your life with the WWJD motto. I have no issue with that. Except that most of those people don’t even know the answer to the WWJD question. They just know that they want to throw a toddler temper tantrum because something is out of stock. Something you would use in the spring and summer. Even though it’s February.

Her husband did come and find me and thank me for being helpful and apologized for her behavior. So at least there’s that.

One thought on ““What would Jesus do”

  1. Now that’s what JESUS would have done – apologize for someone else’s fit.

    At least it is what HE did on the cross:
    “Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.”

    Perhaps she was asking her husband?
    Just joking 😉

    I totally get your point!

    It is just like when someone says “I will pray for you!” – and means it in an arrogant way (for instance, when you’ve said something they don’t agree with and they think they know better).
    JESUS would have thrown her out!
    Or would have told her to get a life!
    More eloquently of course.

    I totally share your indignation – because that is nothing else but blasphemy.
    And taking the name of OUR LORD in vain.
    They are sins!
    She will have to answer to HIM on judgement day for every single time she did that, because it is abuse of the NAME ABOVE ALL NAMES!

    I had a colleague and she used to say “JESUS CHRIST!” all the time – when she was stressed, or surprised, or overwhelmed and she even claimed to be a Christian – well, that wasn’t the only extremely Un-Christian behavior she displayed…

    But every time she did that, my heart was racing and I freaked out on the inside- but I did the same you did – I stayed quiet.

    Because I believe that’s what JESUS would do… at least many times…

    I think you did well.

    The best you could.

    GOD bless you.

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