Blogging Everyday in July|Celebrity Distractions

Have you heard about all the beef going down between Taylor Swift, Kanye, and Kim Kardashian?  I guess they’re in a fight.  Why do we care?  Because they’re famous.  Because it gives us something to focus on.  Because we don’t want to focus on the conflicts in our own lives.  We need a distraction.  We need a distraction from the hate in politics and deaths in the media.  We need a distraction from the war going on on the other side of the world.  We need a distraction from the war going on on our own soil.

A coworker brought up to me that he thinks celebrities and Hollywood and the tabloids are just a ploy to distract us from political issues.  He compares it to the gladiator battles from Roman times.  Those caught public eye, so they didn’t notice that Rome was collapsing.  And I’m not saying that our government is collapsing.  But I’m not saying that it’s not.  I’m not saying that there aren’t issues there to be addressed.  I’m not trying to point out that our voting decision seems to have become a choice between the lesser of two evils.  It’s just easier to get upset about one celebrity calling out another celebrity than it is to take a stand for our brothers and sisters losing their lives and living in fear because they are of a different race, religion,  or sexual orientation.

Yesterday I felt like listening to Macklemore.  Did you know he had a new album?  I’m not good at following artists or anything like that, so I hadn’t noticed.  But it’s fairly amazing.  Same old fighting words, same old spoken word rap feel, same political lyrics mixed with upbeat funny songs.  Really, it’s worth listening to.  Anyway, the song Light Tunnels is a song that I can’t stop thinking about.  It has to do with going to the Grammy’s and winning their award.  It has to do with the falsity and cravings of the commercial public.  We crave controversy.  It’s a distraction from what is real in the world.  Go listen to it.

Do you remember the Hunger Games, the books and the movies?  The Capital?  I like to think it’s a statement on what the world is becoming.  We like to just watch.  We like to make ourselves crazy and beautiful and beautifully crazy.  We like to have something to distract us from the wars and the hardships.  We like to be sheltered from reality.  Give us something to talk about.  Don’t tell us that another airport was bombed.  Don’t tell us that someone ran a bus through a parade.  Don’t tell us that cops are killing innocent people because of the color of their skin.  Don’t tell us that we’re privileged.  Just tell us that Tswift and Kanye are fighting again.  Tell us that Hiddleswift is real.  Tell us that Miley and Liam got back together.  That’s what we want to hear.  We don’t want to be forced to deal with what is actually real. It’s just a distraction.  And pretty soon, an orange man might be our president.  Snow.

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