I Must Be Doing Something Right (When Things Go Wrong)

I have a philosophy in life.  It’s that nothing is easy.  I fully believe that when my life is going the right direction, that’s when I hit the most opposition.  Some Christians would call this persecution.

One of the biggest forms of “persecution” for me is car issues.  In high school I was supposed to go to Panama on my first ever mission trip.  About a month before I left I got hit head on by a car that was driving on the wrong side of the road coming around a corner on a dirt road.  He totaled my car.  But that was a trip that God was sending me on, and it changed my life.

When I started college, I had a Miata that I loved.  I went to a school that God told me to go to when I was 15, and I was definitely doing the right thing by going there.  Suddenly my Miata started having random problems.  The alternator suddenly went out.  My brake pads welded to the wheel so I couldn’t drive anywhere.
My sophomore year I moved onto a different car that slowly fell apart.  I had to replace the transmission, and after a few months, the transmission started to fail again.  I sold it and bought a Honda.
My Honda was great at first.  But when I started my senior year of college the brake caliper just randomly fell off while I was driving.  The idle control valve went out my junior year, so I had to replace that.
After I moved to Mammoth, I still had the Honda.  I did the School of Ministry, and my car was falling apart more and more.  The second gear stopped working.  The speedometer went out.  Eventually the alternator started failing and I couldn’t start it without a jump.
But God was directing every move.

Last summer I bought a new car and sold my Honda.  I am in love with driving and I am in love with my car.  It’s a new car, should have no problems, and I haven’t had problems since I bought it.  Last week I decided to follow the prompting of my heart and I put in my 2 weeks notice to move to Alabama, where I felt called to go months ago.  On Sunday, through a series of events, a bunch of sensors in my car decided to go off.  There’s not anything wrong with the way it drives, but my safety features might be compromised.  Except I’m supposed to drive it across the country.
So on Thursday I get to take my car to the shop in a small town where I might be charged too much, and there might not be anything major wrong with it.  He might just have to adjust some wires.

Basically, when I’m doing something right, things go wrong.  Especially with cars.  So I must be doing something right.  It’s time to trust again.

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