Take Me With You

Take me on a journey
Over mountains
Across seas
Past fields of endless possibilities
It’s time to tread roughly
On realized dreams
No more falling apart at the seams

Spying new realities
Just over the horizon
Something I’ve never experienced before
Warmth entering an endless spring

Winter is my home
Building a house from broken icicles
Basking in frozen tundra
I have made my home here

Finding it is time to move on
Can you feel my restless heart?
Beating frantically out of my chest
Pulled out by my roots
Just take me with you

Carry me
As I somehow plan on learning
To carry you

Dwell in me again
I’ll follow your footprints
Until I find you
Though you know I’m not trying that hard

Halfhearted attempts
To fall in love
With nothing at all

Lost again
Waiting to be found
Called out
As I struggle to remain hidden
In my darkness once again

Take me with you

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