Not Love; Infatuation

An intense admiration

I am not in love with you
But I find myself infatuated with you
Not quite obsessed
Finding reasons to keep you on my mind

When I first met you, I knew
I knew that I might someday fall for you
Something told me that it would be easy to do
Yet it left me uneasy
And you left me altogether
Simply a visitor here

Months went by
Nearly forgotten
But not quite
Finding you again and realizing that nothing has changed

You should know that with you it would be real
I would never be with you if it was only for a night
It would have to be for a lifetime
You are forever material

You are a risk and a liability
Wondering if you’re worth taking
Knowing that even if you are, I’m probably not

If you would have me
I’d drop everything else
Yet that seems mighty desperate
As I’m desperately infatuated with you

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