Your Chaos

I am the queen of making mistakes
The master of failure
And you might be my biggest one yet

As you hold me
Begging for closeness
Pulling me in

My heart does not want you
Though I want you
Feeling overtaken by connection
I can’t think straight
In your arms

Every time I try to say no more
I find myself right back here
As you promise not to hurt me
I am caught in this web

You bit me with your venom teeth
Got me addicted to you
You are the best drug
And even more toxic

I somehow got myself tangled
Tied up in knots
Making a mess of myself
As this vortex sucks in so many more people

I can feel myself falling
Taken over by yet another black hole
Feeling trapped in our equation
As the math doesn’t add up
Eyes that know me, staring
Wondering how I ended up here

I need to free myself from this trap
Find myself again
How did I become this?

I was lost in my loneliness
Let myself get overtaken
By someone else
Longing for you
Lost in your chaos

I need to be free

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