I forgot how to be myself with you
Actually, that probably happened long before you
And I’m not even blaming you
I’m just wondering where the girl you think you know ends
I’m just wondering where I begin

I’m quirky
And that makes me cute
So I’ll tell you how much I love dinosaurs
Saying if that’s a turn off, then I don’t want to turn you on anyway
But I don’t tell you why I won’t spend the night
Because that’s such a big part of who I am
Do I hide it well?

I worry that if I show you my real self that you’ll pull away
But why would I want to enter a commitment while I remain hidden?
Maybe I want you to know me before I let you know me
But you didn’t stick around anyway
Did you?
So if I had let you know me
Would my results be different?
My heart would be so much more broken than it claims to be

It’s the same whole story
Again and again
As I ask for something you won’t give me
While I almost give in every time you ask
A different face behind every question

Ask me again tonight
I’ll tell you
I’ll change, if only you’ll just stay
Or maybe I won’t at all
Because as terrified as I am of you leaving again
I’m more afraid of facing myself the next morning

So maybe I’ve just forgotten who I am entirely
Keeping myself neatly tucked away
Maybe I’ll let myself out today
Yet I’m so comfortable living this facade
Waiting to be found

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