You were my escape
I was running away from everything
Giving it all up for you
Knowing you weren’t who I should be running to
But I was intoxicated
You were like a drug to me
And when you left I couldn’t breathe
As if you had taken all my oxygen with you

And after all this time
Even though spend so much time on my mind
I thought I had finally escaped you
Wanting only to move on to someone new
Maybe someplace new
Yet there is no one
And I’m still here
But I won’t let you have me again

The hardest part
Is that I’m sure you thought you had escaped me too
It’s me who had the final word
But your silence said it all
You’d never take me back
And that was okay in your eternal disappearance
So how dare you reappear

Now I know only that to truly escape you
I need to learn to let you go
I was never enough for you
You were never what I needed
I need to leave this place behind me
Before I do it all again

I’d throw all my inhibitions
Into this gusty wind
Giving you all I have left
As you drain me of all life
An untrustworthy vampire
That I could never quite escape

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