Some Thoughts on Thanksgiving

So I do this every year.  Usually I talk about what I’m thankful for, but currently my mind is not headed that direction.  I think I’ll just talk about my Thanksgiving this year.

Yesterday was Thanksgiving.  My brother puts on a dinner for all of the climbers in Bishop every year, and I was expected to go down and help out.  I didn’t ask for Thanksgiving off, because I needed the money, so I was supposed to work 7-3, which would give me enough time to go drive down afterward for dinner.  Instead my schedule changed so that I wouldn’t be off until 4:30.  It’s a 45 minute drive to Bishop from where I live, and the dinner started at 5, which meant that I had to decide if it was worth it or not.  As the day got closer, I just felt like I would rather have a family Thanksgiving, and since that wasn’t offered, I wasn’t sure if I was going to make it down.  The day of Thanksgiving a coworker called in sick, so I worked over time until about 7 instead, which I didn’t mind at all.  It was a decision made for me.

After work I got invited to several different houses for dinner.  I grabbed dinner and dessert at a friend’s house and went home, waiting for a call.  A certain someone had asked me to come over and watch a movie, but got tied up in his own plans, so didn’t come to pick me up until like 11pm.  So obviously I fell asleep, which by the way, why do people think that it’s normal to live on 4 hours of sleep?

I saw a Facebook post from a friend about how he wasn’t celebrating Thanksgiving, because that was what started all of the racism and whatever in America.  So, props to him for having an opinion, but also, is it so bad that I’m down to celebrate a holiday, regardless of how it began?  It’s a part of our culture.  Not that I celebrate being an American often, because I’m not that proud of it, but Thanksgiving has always been a part of my life, and I’m not being racist or killing people by eating a turkey with people I love every year.  It’s not bad to be thankful.  That’s what Thanksgiving is about for me.

And I could say so much more.  But I’m tired.  I’ll stop complaining now.

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