More Than

Sense and sensibility
Make me feel so sensible
As I casually stumble through life
Trying to make sense of my circumstance

I have to say I can’t complain
Thought I will find reason to
Every time I fail to trust
Believing I am only human

Yet I am not only anything
Knowing full well we are all more than
More than just a dreamer
Made for more than this

I know I’ll fall again
As I promise to always get back up
Faithfully wading through unfamiliar waters
Holding tight to the hand that leads me

You are all I know
I will never forget that
Even when I try
You make your way into casual conversation

So I will thank you for it
As you keep me up at night
Whispering poetry in my ear
Urging me to keep going

Anointed, I find myself drenched
Covered by a love unfathomable Filled to the brim with stories to tell
Still itching for another adventure

Every new day is a gift
Learning not to waste it
Falling in love with you all over again
More than grateful for this second chance

I have learned to breathe in mountain air
Soaring high above the tree line
Rambling through random worries
Stopping and waiting for new words to come

And they spill out of me
As I overflow
Finding my rhythm
Only when I let go

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