Heart Aches

Does your heart ever ache
For someone else?
Feeling someone else’s pain
Carrying it like a stain?
When will you be okay

I wish I could tell you
I feel your pain for you
So you don’t have to dwell

My beating heart isn’t broken
Like yours is
I’m strong enough to bear this
It’s not like I haven’t

I want you to go on
For yourself
Not for me
Just breathe

Miles away
My heart aches
Pumping out your pain
Into my veins
Sorrow fills my lungs
Drowning in something
I’ll never understand

I can feel it
So I know you feel it
I made it through
You’ll make it through
Better than I did

Only when I forget you
Will all this pain we’ve gone through
Be reconciled

If it never
Had anything
To do with me
In the first place

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