Going Back

How does one just go back
From a dream like this?
Where the earth shook?
Where everything changed?
A soul connection
Guided an unspeakable adventure
Once again ripped to pieces

Yet it seems I’m always going back
Hollowed out
Like I gave myself away by mistake
Leaving my heart behind
Because it seems to know
Where it belongs
Better than I do

Shredded across the continent
From coast to coast
And beyond
Puzzle pieces given out
Hoping to make a bigger picture

But what is to be made of this?
Fearing we’ll never meet again
Was it all for nought?
Probably not
Yet I can’t help but question
The reality of it all

Stumbling down the rabbit hole
I must have
Call me Alice
Always running late
An appointment I’m afraid to make
Please take me there

I wish I could keep it
Not only in memory
But to replay
Before my eyes

I want to feel real
Knowing this has been felt before
How does one return
To normalcy
After living out
A fantasy

I refuse to accept my life as a dream

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