A Christian on Halloween

I’m currently sitting in my room watching a suspense movie, a “scary movie,” because I am in the mood. Tis the season I guess. 

And really, I just have some thoughts, so I’ll keep this short.

When I think of Halloween, I think of costumes and costume parties, and candy, and trick-or-treating. Because I’m a Christian, I think of Harvest Festivals, the alternative to Trick-or-Treating. Because of my age, I think of alcohol and scantily dressed females. And because I’m boring, I don’t usually take part in any of it. But I used to.

I remember when I was little, I dressed up as Queen Amidala from Star Wars, and went trick-or-treating in Southern California with my family. I went a few times in high school with my friends. And I dressed up a few times in college, and just went to stupid costume parties. But most of my Halloweens consisted of games at churches, Harvest Festivals that kept kids from the evils of Halloween. Seriously, I grew up in a tiny town. Halloween is not that evil here. What are we so afraid of? Why do Christians have to have an alternative for everything? Go against the flow, is that it?

So I was at this Bible study thing last week, and some people that were a bit older than I am, started going on about how we need to pray against Halloween. They said the satanists are really at it this year. I got really uncomfortable and texted my friend. As someone who knows a lot about fear, I could tell that these actions were out of fear. But fear makes us weak. It gives power to the thing we’re afraid of. 

Sure, Halloween might have had not the best origin. Maybe it used to be some evil holiday. Maybe it still is some places. But it doesn’t have to be. I went to a Christian college where we celebrated it. Although celebrated is probably the wrong word. It’s not sacred, it’s kind of like Labor Day, it gives us something to do. So let’s do it! It’s not often that people are poisoning children or sacrificing humans or summoning the antichrist on Halloween. Yes, Wiccan covens, or whatever they call themselves, observe this day as sacred, but being afraid of them changes nothing. 

My senior year of college I took a class that studied cultures. We talked about the sacred secular divide, and how it’s not necessary. God can be in everything, and anything can be sacred. It’s not, what is Christian and what isn’t, it’s, look at this cool thing, let me find God in it. There are horrible things everywhere, we don’t need to be making the fun things horrible too. 

So, on Saturday, go have fun. Someone please wear a sheet and be a ghost. Get candy. Go play games at the harvest festival. Carve a pumpkin. Drink something. And don’t be afraid. Or do. It’s up to you.

Sorry that this is so scattered. I wrote it on my phone… 

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