This world is becoming filled with dreamers
We are told to dream big
Dream bold
Just dream
Don’t be afraid to dream

But dreaming is not enough
When you live in your dreams you forget to live your dreams
Look at what is right in front of you
Breathe in this moment
Live in the now

I hide behind who I used to be
So that no one can know who I am
I dwell in my brokenness
Forgetting that that’s not who I ever dreamed of being
Yet no one will ever break me if they’re afraid to get caught on one of my already broken pieces
Yet I’m not broken anymore
Yet I am whole
And my walls never me that way

I dream of adventure.
Falling in love.
Running away together.
I dream of staying at home on rainy days.
Watching movies on the couch.
Sipping cocoa by the fire.
Having a place to call my own.
A home I share.

Yet I refuse to make these dreams reality
Seeing them as only dreams
Not grasping what is right in front of me
Still afraid to take any chances on myself

Right in front of me is rain in Ireland
Filling notebooks with whispers of God’s adventurous voice
Writing as my heart overflows
Right in front of me is a mirror image of what imaginings could be
A matching job
Matching weakness
Matching spiritual compass
But matching does not take away distance
Different states of mind
States of home
States of comfort
Stumbling upon something that my heart yearns to know
Yet the proximity brings a wonderment
Is this chance worth taking?
A risk worth chasing?
Or is it still just a dream?
An immanence of new brokenness?
Where do these horizons lay?

3 thoughts on “Dreamers

  1. “It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live.” All I could keep thinking of was this quote the whole time. Haha. I love you and you’re amazing. Your writing never ceases to amaze me. Anyways. K bye!!!

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