The Voice of the Land

She carries the voice of the land
With her wherever she goes
And she only wants to be heard

She thought you understood that
But you brushed her aside
You have no time for her potential

She wants you to smile
To show your excitement
She just can’t put it into words

You just said everything she’s been saying
Isn’t that some kind of confirmation?
Or did she not explain herself correctly?

She wants to be more than words on a page
More than a face in a photo
She is real, and she is here

Ask her to share and she will overflow in front of you
Push her away and she’ll explode somewhere hidden

She carries the voice of the land
Yet she doesn’t know how to use it yet
Her power is not yet known

Her words could echo across these hills
They could transform these mountains
If only she felt free enough to open her mouth

What is she so afraid of?
There is nothing left to hold her down
So please don’t hold her down

Ask her to speak
Listen to her words
Let her change you
Let her become changed

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