Finding Home

I can’t help but notice the difference
Even in the sameness of it all
It comes falling with a crashing sound
One that echoes through the trees
Singing peacefully to my ears
Letting me know that I can be home here

I need to be somewhere green, He said
Because your words are like water
They bring life

So my home can be anywhere
Because my life can go anywhere
And that will always be exciting

I’ll do my best not to push you all away
Please know I accept you
Don’t feel you need to be invited into my world

Invite yourself in
And I’ll try so hard to invite myself in
We are not alone in this

Try to look at me and see something magical
Because I want to look at you and see miracles
My life is changing before my very eyes
You can watch it too
If you were only looking

I don’t want to be captured
Because I feel that might expose me
Like I might have something to hide
Even though I don’t

This is who I am
And I am home here

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