Ireland: The Final Chapter

I have said goodbye. 

Yesterday I went to a famine ship, heard stories, and listened to God.

I walked the Dublin streets with my sweet friends. I got encouraged over lunch. We shared poetry at dinner. We had an emotional goodbye, that stretched into today.

This morning I got on an airplane. I’m currently in Canada on layover. And I am wrecked, trying so hard not to cry in this stupid airport diner. Crying alone in public is a new low.

I hate making friends when I travel. Because they become family. And I know I’ll never be able to handle the hollowness I get when it is time to part ways. I break. I’ve done it all before, and every time is worse.

I have a choice to make. And it’s a big one. But I need to make all of the small choices first. I have to choose to keep going. To breathe. To be calm. Because I am not alone. And this was not goodbye. And if I can just fight through the crazy, I will be fine.

Now, who wants to pay for my dinner?

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