Ireland Chapter 5

On Monday we set off for Dublin. Bus rides and loving Jesus and relaxing in a new hotel room. Which, by the way, I have slept in a twin bed almost the entire time I’ve been here. Good thing I’m small. I love Europe.

We ate lunch in Temples Court and then got to walk the cobblestone streets. I walked with Ray and we talked about how he is like my uncle that I never got to have, and I’m the niece he never got to have. We talked about writing and coming on this trip. I’ve been really blessed by Ray. It’s a gift to know him.

That night we went on to dinner and a show. Dinner was fantastic and the show was so fun! Irish music and Irish dancers and nothing felt forced or cheesy. Such joy. Then I walked back with Ray and a couple other folk who were too tired to finish out the night. I told Ray how I thought the Irish were like the Israelites in all of their trials. The parallel is remarkable.

The next morning we went to the Hill of Tara. I felt something there that I did not like. There was an unsettling calm. There was brokenness. I walked into the church and wrote a bit, but something still was not right. All I could do was pray for the land. 

After that experience my whole day felt off. We went to a property in Kells to pray over some decisions. Then we had lunch, but I couldn’t eat. 

We returned to the hotel much later than originally planned, but I went to adventure with my lovely friend Marlee. We went to Trinity College and my whole world changed. Walking onto that campus was a definite shift in the atmosphere. So much peace. So much stillness. I could have stayed there forever. Didn’t get to see the Book of Kell though. Maybe before I leave I will.

We ventured onward to St. Steven’s Green, where so many poems have been written by so many poets. The calm there was all I could have hoped for. An old man sat next to us on a bench while he ate his ice cream and we had such a lovely conversation. He lives here in Dublin and believes that America is too violent, which is probably true.

We had dinner and bought gifts and headed home after a bit too much cider. I fell asleep so easily, that I forgot to blog, which is what I’m doing now. It’s my last day, so tomorrow I’ll write on the plane.

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