En Fuego

Sometimes there’s beauty from ashes
Nature taking itself back
Flood gates opened and communities destroyed
But it’s what we always asked for

Bring on the rain
Pour out the fire
And disappear in the smoke that follows
Because that’s all I know how to do

Go for a swim and come back drowning
These lungs don’t need air anymore
This voice is nonexistent
They always forgot to listen anyway

I’m not exactly running away
I’m escaping
From this prison with no doors and windows
Lacking the space that peace builds around

The grass grows anyway
The flowers bloom anyway
And nothing you can say will stop them
Even in my efforts to protect them from you

The weeds you’ve planted are dying
Not strong enough to withstand my fire
Because that’s all I am
All I was born to be

I used to be afraid to burn
Never seeing the beauty that came after
Only seeing destruction and death
Forgetting that all is natural

But this spark gave way to an inferno
And there will be nothing left
Flame on
I am strong

Strong enough to claim this valley
But choosing to move on instead
They can’t breathe in my smoke
Falling, gasping for air

I am not hardened
My heart still beats freely
To the rhythm of war drums
Yet my storm is quelled

I’ll be a candle again
I’ll be peace again
I’ll be silent again
As I am reborn

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