You Move Me; Overtaken

You move me
And it’s like a rhythm I’ve never known before
Floating on your waves
A current that’s not even tangible
Yet I feel it

Feeling my feet go higher
Lifting off the ground
But not even leaving my chair

You are an out of body experience
And you’re all I want to experience

You are my home
No matter where I might find myself
Every road leads back to you
As my heart keeps on beating
For you

You are older than time itself
Still making every moment new
Champion of rebirth
As I’m dying to tangible infatuations
Because nothing else is real enough
After meeting you

Even with closed eyes I see you
Feel you encompassing every atom of my being
The very fabric of my existence becoming saturated with who you are
Not easily forgotten

You are the light to my darkness
Not easily hidden
Coming up in conversation
Like true love always does

Breaking free of all that held me down before
Knowing that you’re still all I ever needed
I will never be running on empty
Because I am already filled up
With every breath

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