I am taking off
But still feeling lost
Waiting for reconciliation

The words my mouth produce aren’t heard
Because you are caught in infatuation
Of a girl who is already taken
I always said I didn’t want you anyway

And maybe it’s true that we always want what we can’t have
Is that really so bad?
Lusting after impossibilities

Disappearing into myself
Waiting to be forgotten
Am I already gone?

I’m not even sure that I have a heart anyway
I may have accidentally given it away
Somewhere along the way

Really I’m probably better off alone
Maybe we all are
Loneliness is the only drug I’m addicted to

Shed some light on me
You’ll only see
The darkness that hides within

Because I’m so damn good at hiding

The clouds open up around me
Engulfing me in a funnel that I don’t understand
Wondering if I still still have the upper hand

I want to be holding all the cards
Yet that leaves me no one left to play with
But I’ll still play here

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