Freed Bird

Just like the caged bird remembers its freedom
This freed bird remembers its cage
It remembers the locked door
The key thrown away
It’s hard to come close
Because it doesn’t want to be locked up anymore

It remembers falling when it learned to fly
It remembers its song, its cry
But that chain came off the gate
The doorkeeper came back late
This bird took off in ringing freedom
Running away, but remembering where it came from

This freed bird never realized freedom was intentional
And if she would just come home
She’d realize she can come and go
As she pleases

She will not be trapped inside
Because she was born to fly
She soars so high
No one is asking her to come down
No longer tethered to the ground

This freed bird remembers her cage in fear
Not something she wants to be near
Not something that could keep her safe
There is no sanctity in her mind

But it’s been four long years
And this freed bird is lost and alone
The voice she’s followed is calling her home
She is afraid
But she goes
Finding more than a home here

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