His Joy

His joy is your strength
And he takes joy in you
In the things that you do
So remember that
In your weakness

His smile shines down on you
Like sunshine on your face
Even when your back is turned
He sees you
He looks at you with loving eyes

He laughs as you dance
Not at you, but with you
Overjoyed by your prancing
In love with your childlike nature

It’s okay to feel small
Next to him, everything is
But he’s on your side
So size will never matter

He has given you wings
You glide on his wind
As his breaths make currents
And you are safe in your flight

He carries you
When you feel you can’t go on
He picks you up
He walks with you on every journey
Your forever companion on every adventure

So set out on a new expedition
Even if you don’t know where it will take you
He’ll make it exciting
All expenses in his hands

Take his joy
You are strong
Now go

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