Carrying On

I don’t want to read anything.  It’s all just become words on a page, or on a screen, and can only catch my eye for a few moments before all interest flickers away.  But I want to be interested.  I want to be informed.  I want to be enlightened.  I want to be refreshed.

I don’t feel like eating anything.  Even though my body needs sustenance.  I find myself abstaining, but not entirely.  I’ve just lost my appetite.  Food makes me sick.  I make myself sick.

I haven’t written anything.  Where did my meaning go?  I know that I have to have something left.  I am not lost.  I am not broken.  I will carry on.

Because that’s what you do.  That’s what I do.  Carrying on is always worth it. There is always something better just around the corner.  So even if everything doesn’t seem like it’s going the way I want it to; even if I’m stressed down to my core, I will carry on.  I will make it through.  Because I always have before.

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