Lens and Lyric

A couple of months ago, while I was in the school here, my class had the opportunity to skype with Ray Hughes for a week.  If you don’t know who he is, look him up.  He’s a cool guy.  He’s really funny too, and really wise.  We explored sounds and poetry and worship and what they mean and where they come from.  My mind was opened a lot, and I am grateful.

From that opportunity came another amazing opportunity.  Ray is taking a team of writers and photographers to Ireland in September to write poetry about the land, take photos, and to learn creative writing from him.  And I’m going to be part of this team.  This trip will be a little bit of making my dreams come true, and I never thought that would happen.

We’ll tour all of Ireland.  We’ll write.  We’ll see castles.  We’ll meet people.  And we will worship.  At the end of the trip we’re going to put together a coffee table book to give out to the pastors.
Literally,  I could not ask for more.

So I’m raising funds.  I have a little.  I could use a little more.  But I’m going, no matter what.  If donating is something you would be interested in doing, my gofundme is here: gofundme.com/lensandlyric

Honestly, I’m just really excited for this chance, so I’m taking it.

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