Give me the words
Because I can’t seem to find them
Where they used to pour out of me
Like an overwhelming stream
It’s like my river has gone dry

Please tell me this drought is only temporary
Tell me there is more to come
Tell me that if the seasons are changing
This next one will be spring
Because I need something new

My soul is thirsting for a new kind of peace
But after all the battering and bruising
I think I’ve forgotten how to trust what peace feels like anymore
So I’ve allowed myself to just stay on the floor
This turmoil swirling around me
Coming out of me

This time I’m not running away
I’m running to
It’s time that I start chasing what I was made for
I’m not going to let any of this hold me back anymore

I am at the cusp of a new beginning
My bones are shaking in anticipation
I can feel it
I can feel it
And even in my fear
I may as well dive in head first

Nothing can stop me now
Soon I will be filled again

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