Rules and Silence

I don’t want to speak anymore
I want to be still
To dwell in my silence
Become like Ariel, losing my voice
But not waiting for some true love to break this spell

I’m not under a spell
With my soul, it is well
Even when it’s not.

I want to break the rules
Make it so they don’t even exist anymore
Because I feel they’re holding me back from achieving something
Maybe they’re keeping me from some new brokenness

I don’t even feel overwhelmed by the darkness anymore
I’ve made my home in it.
I wrap it around me like a blanket in the winter
Yet I still find myself so cold

I’m freezing here
Like my fire burns cold
Like these are ashes, not coals

Is it so bold of me to say that there might be something missing?
I think we take so literally the vague commands
That we build up walls around the things that could save us
While we’re staying afloat, keeping our heads above the water
We forget to throw a life ring to those who actually need salvation

But maybe I’m wrong
I wouldn’t put it past myself
So I’m not going to speak anymore
Let me dwell in my silence

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