My plans are bigger than you could even imagine
But my timing may not be what you’re expecting
You see, life is much longer than it looks
And even when you’re old, you’ll be young
New things come everyday, so keep your eyes open

I am always speaking to you
My voice is not imaginary
And you hear it
Even when you don’t realize it’s me
You’r responses will always be your choice
But I’m proud of you either way

This pressure that you feel isn’t real
It’s not something you need to give in to
It’s not something you need to overcome
And I promise, you will be free
Just trust me

I made your lungs to breathe
And your heart to beat
Your eyes see because I designed them to
Your ears can hear music because I love it too
When I made you, I said, “It is good.”

You are more than good enough to me
Can’t you see?
I will always be your rescuer, but you don’t need to be saved as much as you worry

The choices set before you are yours to make
No matter what you choose, I’ll still smile down on you
I’ve always smiled at what you do
You don’t need to question me anymore

I know you feel that you are broken
I know you feel I made you that way
I know you’re searching for my reasons
But I don’t make broken people

You are whole
You are sustained
You are filled and overflowing
And I’ll still be there when you feel you’ve gone dry
I hold you, even when you think I’ve deserted you

I can’t get enough of you
I love you more than you’ll ever know
There’s nothing you could do to stop it
I loved you before you knew me
And even longer

So don’t worry about your next step
I’ll guide it, no matter what
Step out
Because even if you fall, I’ll catch you
Even if you sink, I’ll pull you up
You’ve got this
And I’ve got you

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